The Internet Scripophily Museum of Computing (ISMOC) presents over 70 years of computing history by means of historical securities. ISMOC will feature hundreds of defaulted or cancelled stock and bond certificates from as many organizations involved in digital computers.

Many breakthrough developments were made possible because they were financed by entrepreneurs and people who believed in a common goal or found an investment opportunity. The selected certificates illustrate the diversity of organizations wanting to pioneer and engage in the field of digital computing since the 1940s. Bonds and shares from early computer firms such as IBM, Remington Rand, Burroughs, NCR, Control Data, Honeywell, General Electric, RCA, HP, ICL, Siemens, Bull, Olivetti and Philips are some of the highlights in the ISMOC collection.

The ISMOC project kicked off in November 2016 and is under construction. Artefacts from the collection are still being digitized and more images will be added on a regular base.

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