Organizations index

Alphabetical list of organizations mentioned in the ISMOC articles
Names in bold type refer to main entries

Addressograph-Multigraph CorporationAddressograph-Multigraph  Digitronics
Ambra Computer Corporation : IBM
American EFTS : Periphonics
American Microsystems, Inc. : Gould Ylvisaker WT
Bally Manufacturing Corporation : GAT
BellSouth Cellular Corporation: IBM
Bendix Corporation : W&S
Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. : IBM
Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR)  : IBM  Watson Sr TJ
Comstar Corporation : W&S
Comtec Information Systems, Inc. : Digitronics
Conelco, Inc. :  Digitronics
Consolidated Electronics Industries Corporation :  Digitronics 
Convergent Technologies, Inc. : Savin
Data 100 Corporation : Digitronics
Digitronics Corporation : Digitronics Addressograph-Multigraph Sonnenfeld RW
Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation :  Digitronics
Electronic Computer Corporation :  Digitronics
Elliott-Automation Limited J Lyons 
Encore Computer Corporation : Gould
English Electric Company, Limited : J Lyons 
English Electric Computers Limited J Lyons 
English Electric LEO Limited (EEL) J Lyons 
English Electric LEO Marconi Limited (EELM) J Lyons 
Exxon Corporation : Periphonics
Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation : Gould Ylvisaker WT
Foxboro Company :  Digitronics Sonnenfeld RW
Game-A-Tron Corporation (GAT) : GAT
Gould Inc.Gould Ylvisaker WT
Idaho Maryland Industries, Inc. : Idaho Maryland
Idaho Maryland Mines Corporation : Idaho Maryland
Intel Corporation : IBM
International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) : IBM Opel JR Cary FT  Watson Sr TJ Watson Jr TJ Learson TV 
International Computers and Tabulators Limited (ICT) J Lyons 
International Computers Limited (ICL) J Lyons 
Iomec Inc. : Digitronics
J. B. Rea, Inc. : Idaho Maryland
J. Lyons & Company Limited : J Lyons 
LEO Computers LimitedJ Lyons 
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation : IBM
Modicon Corporation : Gould
Mostek Corporation : Gould Ylvisaker WT
Murata Machinery, Ltd. : W&S
Murata Warner Swasey Co., Ltd. : W&S
National Cash Register Company (NCR) : IBM  Watson Sr TJ
Nortel Networks Corporation : Periphonics
North American Philips Corporation : Digitronics
Periphonics CorporationPeriphonics
Philco Corporation : Gould
Philips Gloeilampenfabrieken : Digitronics 
PolyComputers Inc. : PolyComputers
R2E : W&S 
Radio Corporation of America (RCA) : Sonnenfeld RW
Réalisations et Études Électroniques : see R2E
Redactron Corporation : Digitronics
Ricoh Company, Ltd : Savin
ROLM Corporation : IBM
Savin Business Machines Corporation : Savin
Savin Corporation : Savin
Sega Corporation : IBM
Sequent Computer Systems : IBM
Sun Microsystems, Inc. : Periphonics
Systems Engineering Laboratories : Gould Ylvisaker WT
Systems Resources Corporation : Digitronics
SuperComputer System Inc., Eau Claire, Wisconsin : IBM
Teledyne, Inc. : IBM
Teleregister Corporation : Digitronics
Underwood Corporation :  Digitronics
University of Cambridge, UK : J Lyons 
Wang Laboratories, Inc. : W&S
Warner & Swasey Company, The : W&S
Wiedemann Machine Company : W&S