PolyComputers Inc

PolyComputers was incorporated in 1982 Anaheim, California. The company was engaged in the design and development of multiprocessing minicomputer systems.

PolyComputers Inc. 
Stock certificate for 5,000 common shares, 1984 
Printed by American Bank Note Company 

  • 1983 PolyComputers displays at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta a prototype of its 16-bit PolyEtte system. The system is capable of processing 7 MIPS in concurrent time-sharing, real time and multiple batch modes, with virtual memory support. The system has the capacity to handle up to 16 users. Its VMOS, Virtual Memory Operating System, is designed specially for the PolyComputer and supports all major software languages. 
  • 1983 The Supramini is PolyComputers' low-end multiprocessing product line.